AI Prompt Library

Explore a database of over 50 AI chat assistant prompts tailored for executives and senior managers.

These handcrafted prompts bridge the gap between analysis and action, covering a vast array of crucial topics.

Experience the ease of navigating complex scenarios with insightful prompts at your fingertips.

Unlock actionable insights

Harness the power of these AI prompts to transform analysis into actionable strategies. Discover a diverse range of topics, all designed to deliver insights for executives and senior decision makers, accelerating not only your understanding of AI but how it can be leveraged for strategic advantage.

How it works:

First, populate your organisation information

AI Chat assistants perform better when they are provided more contextual information about you and the problem you are trying to solve.

The prompt library will automatically insert your organisation info into each prompt to help tailor the response to be more specific and actionable.

This helps save you time and ensures that the chat responses are more useful.

Select a prompt

Each prompt is crafted with a focus on delivering insightful engagement, catering to different levels of complexity within strategic thinking and planning realms.

Dive into a selection of over 50 categorised prompts, across a variety of management, strategy and foresight concerns.

One-click copies the prompt including the organisational information to help tailor the response from your favourite chat assistant.

Get personalised and more actionable results

Paste the templated prompt into your favourite chat assistant. You can tweak the prompt further, ensuring it aligns with your query. This tailored interaction sets the stage for more insightful responses compared to using a generic prompt.

You'll notice a difference in the quality and relevance of results. These tailored prompts guide the AI to deliver responses that are sharply relevant to your needs, making your strategic analysis more effective and action-oriented.

The prompts


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