Constructive disruption

The increasingly rapid emergence of advanced technologies such as Generative AI offers incredible benefits to organisations that can effectively integrate them to better achieve their mission.

Balancing innovation and integration

In the face of rapid technological advancements, many organisations are surrounded by the promise of new technologies that could revolutionise their operations and amplify their mission. Yet, the challenge of integrating these innovations seamlessly into their existing frameworks can be daunting. While the drive to innovate and stay ahead is compelling, there's an underlying tension: how to embrace this wave of change without being overwhelmed by its complexities or unforeseen implications. Many organisations are in search of a way to navigate this dynamic terrain without losing their footing.
To help organisations overcome these barriers, we have developed a process that delivers tangible value through controlled experimentation that can inform policy, steer strategy and open new sources of value.

Harnessing controlled experimentation

Instead of diving headlong into new technological advancements, we advocate for a structured approach where organisations can test, learn, and adapt. Through a series of controlled experiments, organisations can pinpoint what works best for their unique needs, eliminating wasteful investments and focusing on solutions that truly resonate.
Such a method isn't just about technology for technology's sake—it's about delivering genuine value. For organisations where every resource counts, this can mean the difference between a project that drains resources and one that provides an exponential return on investment. Our process ensures that as you innovate, you do so with a clear understanding of potential outcomes, risks, and benefits.

Harnessing the generative AI opportunity

Improving existing industries and enabling creation of new products and services
Tasks removed or reduced
Total worker task-hours automated or augmented improving overall productivity
READ the research report from Microsoft

CODI - COnstructive DIsruption

For visionary organisations seeking transformative change, the CODI process delivers structured and integrated innovation ensuring impactful and positive transformations. The framework emphasizes smooth integration, comprehensive training, and enduring support, positioning organisations at the forefront of their sectors.


Understanding & Analysis:
Delve deep into your current state. Understand the challenges, needs, aspirations, and any pain points or limitations of existing systems.

Opportunity Identification:
Recognise areas where technology can offer significant improvements or where current systems are ripe for disruption.


Stakeholder Engagement:
Engage with key personnel, especially those who will be directly impacted by the changes, to understand their needs and concerns.

Technology Landscape Survey:
Gain an overview of the existing and emerging technologies that could be leveraged for the organisation's benefit. This involves keeping an eye on tech trends and innovations that align with your goals.


Prototype & MVP Creation:
Based on the identified opportunities and insights from the orientation phase, rapidly develop prototypes or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to test feasibility and utility.

Iterative Testing:
Continuously test the developed solutions, gather feedback, and refine. Emphasise quick cycles of development, testing, and iteration to speed up the innovation process and adapt to feedback rapidly.


Tech Rollout:
Once a solution has been refined and is deemed ready, initiate a comprehensive tech rollout in the organisation.

Training & Onboarding:
Ensure that all relevant personnel are adequately trained and comfortable with the new technology or system. This is crucial for ensuring buy-in and smooth integration into daily operations.

Ongoing Support & Evolution:
Provide continuous support to address any challenges that arise post-implementation. Additionally, ensure there's a mechanism for ongoing tech evaluation and adaptation to cater to evolving needs.
Chris Dury
Strategic Foresight Consultant

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