Turn uncertainty into strategy

For over a decade, I've been enabling organisations driven by purpose to face their biggest challenges, overcome uncertainty and counter disruptions with futures thinking.

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Chris Dury

After spending over a decade as a technology transformation consultant, strategic advisor and CIO, I have now turned my focus to using futures thinking and strategic foresight to help organisations overcome their biggest problems.

I believe that futures thinking offers the best way for organisations to develop more robust strategies that adapt to today's rapidly changing business environment.

I've worked with a diverse range of clients, particularly in the not-for-profit sector in aged care and disability services, and I am passionate about working with organisations that make positive changes in our world.
Certified Foresight Practitioner
Foresight Specialisation
I'm working on an innovative approach to strategy design and development.

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Here is how I can help you

Deep insights

Dive deeper into these insights to better understand how futures thinking can help organisations overcome disruption and embrace their ideal future.

“I feel more confident in searching for future trends and analysing them.”

Group Manager
Minda Inc.

90% increase in feeling connected to peers.

Read about how Minda used futures thinking to enhance their strategic planning process and build new connections across their organisation.

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Discover the difference

With consulting services tailored to your unique challenges, you can benefit from a combination of deep industry insights and forward-thinking strategies that embrace uncertainty and disruption.

Specialised focus

With a specialized focus on Australian not-for-profit and mission-based organisations, deep-rooted expertise surpasses what generic consulting firms can offer. Unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, from compliance and governance to fundraising and community engagement, are well-understood. Insights are drawn from years of dedicated experience, ensuring that guidance is both relevant and impactful for an organisation's specific needs.

Futures thinking

Going beyond conventional strategy formulation by adding an extra layer of futures thinking and foresight delivers more than just solutions for immediate challenges. This approach also prepares organisations for long-term sustainability and impact. In a world of rapid societal and technological changes, a foresight-based strategy helps anticipate and adapt to future trends, offering a competitive edge in fulfilling missions effectively.

Tailored solutions

Consulting services on offer are custom-tailored to meet the specific challenges, opportunities, and goals of your organisation. Time is invested in understanding internal dynamics, stakeholders, and mission to craft strategies designed for measurable and sustainable outcomes.

Engaged Approach

Client involvement isn't merely an option; it's integral to the consulting approach. The belief is that optimal solutions emerge from a process of collaboration, engaging you from the initial assessments through to strategy development and implementation. This collaborative model ensures that the final plans are not only theoretically robust but also practically implementable, earning the endorsement of key stakeholders within your organisation.

More about futures thinking

Discover the latest research, analysis and techniques to help you bring futures thinking to your organisation.
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Chris Dury
Strategic Foresight Consultant

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I'm working on an innovative approach to strategy design and development.

Join the waitlist to get exclusive insights and early access, as well as free access to StrategyGPT.