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Amplify future thinking capabilities by equipping the tools and mindset to navigate an uncertain future

What is futures thinking?

Futures thinking is a strategic method that collaboratively explores various future scenarios without trying to predict them. It draws from stakeholders' expertise to understand the past and present to envision potential futures. This contrasts with conventional business strategies that forecast based on specific goals. While strategic foresight, rooted in mid-20th-century U.S. defence research, is acknowledged by institutions like the United Nations as an essential competency of the 21st century.

Just like how the design thinking has democratised creative strategy, and futures thinking is a blend of foresight and these innovative techniques that is affordable by smaller organisations often lack the resources to adopt more traditional approaches.

Why futures thinking matters

Studies show that organisations that are more future prepared outperform those that are not, and there is evidence that lack of foresight also reduces a firm's ability to adapt their products and services to changing markets or needs. So, without the ability to anticipate and strategically respond to future trends and disruptions, organisations risk becoming obsolete, losing competitive edge, and struggling to meet stakeholder expectations.
On a personal level, individuals without strong futures thinking skills may struggle to adapt to unforeseen shifts in their careers and personal lives. Such limitations can hinder professional growth, reduce adaptability in dynamic job markets, and limit one's potential to seize new opportunities. Furthermore, without the capacity to envision and prepare for possible future scenarios, individuals may face increased uncertainty and stress, diminishing overall life satisfaction.

World Economic Forum

Report on Strategic Foresight
Organisations not prepared for the pace of change in and around their industry
CEOs do not think their companies will be economically viable in a decade if they continue on their current path and do not transform
READ the report from World economic forum

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Boost your futures thinking with our practical resources to lead effectively, handle uncertainty, and make confident decisions.
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StrategyGPT is your executive co-pilot that provides a more relevant and useful chat experience.

Our continuously updated strategic context (global and local trends), plus your strategic profile combine to create the most relevant and actionable chat experience available.

Become a better future thinker, enhance your leadership skills, and manage more effectively with the support of StrategyGPT.
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Each week also provides a deep dive on a focus issue, how it might impact organisations in Australia and what are some actionable insights.
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Strategy Prompt Library

Our library of unique prompts bring futures thinking and alternative strategies to help you overcome today's uncertain world.

Discover insights from brainstorming, decision support, learning & development, information research, project management, and wellbeing & mental health prompts.
Discover insightful stories from the future

Scenario Generator

Use AI to generate plausible scenarios set 10 years in the future based on emerging trends today.

These narrative stories explore the challenges and achievements of relatable fictional characters as they go about their day in wildly different scenarios.

Use these scenarios to provoke insights, stress test existing strategies or as input for future strategy ideation.
Cut through the noise and stay ahead

Trend Impact Report

Keeping ahead of emerging trends takes time, especially at the pace of today's accelerating technology.

This AI generated report is tailored to your industry, location and strategic concerns, and brings you up-to-date trends and their impact on your organisation.

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Scenario Generator for 2x2 and Narrative scenarios tailored to your organisation
Trend Impact Report tailored to your organisation sent to your email inbox 4 times / year
Workshop and collaboration resources
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1:1 Futures ThinkingGenerative AI Coaching
Weekly For-you Podcast with the latest trends analysed for your organisation
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